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10-25-2013, 02:31 PM
The FX in both games were absolutely stunning. Forza 5 in my opinion is the premier simulation racing game that is unmatched regardless of the platform. Killer Instinct looked amazing but I am not bit on fighters. That doesn't mean it wasn't fun but it's just not my type of game. It's about time the consoles caught up to the PC platform once again but it won't be long until they are lagging behind graphically once again.

Where the XBOX one will lead for quite some time is in the whole experience. Being able to control your TV and satellite/cable box by voice and with gestures is above and beyond what Sony and Nintendo offer. These elements serve to eliminate remotes in the best way possible. The XBOX One is a new way to experience more than just games. It enhances the whole multimedia experience with every service you already have and use with your TV.
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Hahahaha, thanks Cryptic, for doing your part to make the F2P transition of SWTOR such a success!!