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10-25-2013, 04:09 PM

Here's My Tip:

Dont Play STO...just kiddin...

Dont get me wrong STO is a great game; but not at lvl 30 if I want I just come in and send out my rats to level me.

Sorry I dont play STO anymore for awhile unless I want an easy game to play to relax my brain haha (!); ya you could call that a tip.

Here's another one - Try Eve Online but only if you want a challenge and if your ship gets destroyed you wont haul arse back to mama cryin sayin you lost yer ship and you want another one; in Eve Online ship loss is permadeath for it.

I am tryin a Live Stream Tonite to De-Mystify all that and attempt to present a good side of Eve Online; a side that is easy to learn once you know the ropes as they say.

Here is my Live Stream URL:

I will be streaming about 3 hours from now at 20:00 GMT exactly.

Sorry you wont see any flying space ship battles for that find them on Youtube.

This will be a LIVE event where people can ask questions if you have a TwitchTv account; get one and learn to stream; stremaing is fun as well.

As for PVP - Eve Online is so much PVP and so different from any game out there, that when you die and lose a ship you could lose real money - as in $100s of dollars on one ship...I will explain just how not to let that happen; it;s really simple; you need to belong to a CORP and travel in Fleets and make friends...

However you can do all that and more solo for a long time as well; and it is that portion that I am going to cover.

This is geared mainly for real new players on trial accounts.

Cdr Zeta