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10-25-2013, 09:00 PM
Lets not forget that the original idea behind the 'dilithium economy' and the massive devaluation and consolidation of everyone's currencies was to get away from the ridiculously long and boring grind needed in order to progress.

They openly stated that the number of currencies had gotten out of hand, with 28 different data samples, then the individual tokens for each of the star clusters/nebulae, dilithium, etc.. so they consolidated most of those into dilithium in order to simplify things and allow players to spend more time playing and less time grinding out currencies.

Now what do we have? Counting Season 8, we have 4 different rep grinds, plus 4 different fleet grinds, all requiring various currencies and other resources, which means people are back to the mindless grind for currencies instead of actually playing the game.

Adding salt to the wound, they took away all of the best rewards for doing the various mission chains and STFs and threw those into the Rep system, making that idiot grind mandatory if you wanted the gear.

While the Rep system has it's advantages, what they should do is simplify it by making the Rep tiers account wide, allowing all of your characters access to the perks and giving them the ability to contribute resources towards the progression of the tiers. Individual gear needs would still need to be met by that character, which would ensure that all characters have to participate to some degree in the Rep system in order to progress, but without requiring the ridiculously idiotic amount of time and resources needed in the current system to level it on each and every toon.

Then, to give people something to do besides mindlessly grinding out currencies and resources, add some meaningful content with it's own rewards that aren't tied to the Rep grind, the Fleet grind, or the C-$tore.

This is an MMORPG after all. It's time PWE/Cryptic remembered that there's more to the game than endless resource farming and fleecing people on the C-$store.