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10-25-2013, 11:12 PM
1. New Boff/Playable Races. C-Store if you want.

2a. Complete, exclusive and self-contained Rom Doff system. Play a Rom, use only Rom doffs and you'll see what I mean.

2b. Romulan Republic Academy.

3. Scale down the Ha'xx ships. I get that the Scimitar needs to be stupid big. The others don't and the models would look a ton better if they were smaller. Besides, there are many immersion breaking issues with the size of many Rom ships.

4. More warbirds (starting with a sci ship) that don't have a cmdr tac slot.

5. Remanland on New Romulus. What happened to that?

6. More Romulan places to go like Ganalda, K-7, Vulcan, Andoria, etc

7. RRF Insignia Combadge/Costume decoration/Other.

8. More green, less blue and red. Take that as a general statement, but specifically for scan animations and so forth.

9. Tovan stasis device. If you won't let me kill him...

10. More RRF titles, accolades etc. No more UFP MoH, Starfleet Cross, etc - I get that those medals are given in the service of my ally, but the Republic doesn't give out medals? Really?

Wanted: 200,000 Dilithium Special Feature Projects for Romulan skinned Fleet Holdings.