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10-26-2013, 01:29 AM
Always glad to help.

Thanks to Ashkrik, Leon, and KobayashiMaru, I now have my Elachi S'golth ()! But then just my luck, the moment I get the needed 50 million, it jumps up to 54 million (). So with that extra 4 million now swallowed up, the S'golth will not be ready for action until I can get an Antiproton console or two. Hopefully, I can finish this build by Sunday.

In other news, be ready for KDF trolls killing everyone on ESD again. I will not go into detail, but the way in required a certain button in your mission tab. I spoke with Tacofang about this, and highly recommended that he instead move the map to Andoria or Rura Penthe. Keep in mind, the map does not change, just the location of the way to get into the map. Instead of the button taking us to ESD, the button will take you directly to the host planet, where will have to beam down just as we did with Risa. In response, he said this will never happen because Andoria is a Federation planet. Well, in case you never noticed, so is Risa. If any of you find the time, we need more people bugging the Devs to make a planet host the Winter Wonderland map.

I also spoke with Tacofang about making the Marauder bridge officers to be customisable. He said no such plans exist......

I completed a 2-man CSE, ISE, and KASE, Optionals included. And I soloed Winter Invasion.
My Ship Builds: USS Conqueror, HMS Victorious, HMS Concord, ISS Queen Elizabeth, Black Widow III

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