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Hello SB381 and all it's affiliates. I'm a founding member of a fleet called Elite Special Forces. Although most 26th fleet members can identify me as Steve@deathking12211. I am typing this to not only ask for some kind of authorization but to say that my fleet is offering it's Starbase for RPers to hang out just like SB381 and Spectre. Since a number of our members like to RP I believe and fellow leadership will agree that with the other RP fleets we are dedicated to helping all RPers use the SB as a safe haven to RP. We're not fancy like 26th fleet or Spectre but we do enforce the same rules as 26th and will use security in RP manners. We hold strongly against ERPing. So I'm putting this request out there on this Blog and hope one of the people who helped in the original idea reply. They can also get in contact with me in-game @deathking12211

Hope to hear from someone soon.
Admiral Steve Jacobs
Elite Special Forces

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