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10-26-2013, 02:44 AM
The problem lies with the Warbird Interior. There is no access to any sort of "Trophy" function like you have with Starfleet Interiors or KDF Interiors.

This is akin to the problem that finally got fixed with First Contact Missions where the necessary Bridge Officer simply didn't spawn on the interior map, breaking the mission progression COMPLETELY. Here in this case, if you've got a Warbird, the Trophy option simply doesn't appear ... anywhere ... in the Warbird Interior. Not in the Captain's Ready Room (unlike ALL other Interiors). Not in the Crew Lounge (like ALL other Interiors). Not anywhere.

The closest thing you're going to have for a "workaround" for this issue is ... you'll need to have a Starfleet or KDF ship in your list of ships somewhere so that you CAN go to an Interior which accepts placement of Trophies.

Odds that this will be "fixed" any time soon? Almost nil.