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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Hm... well my only input on this would be if there was a Romulan ground set, I'd want there to be a Reman variant. Reman coloration, and more focus on stealth and damage output with a large sacrifice in durability. Or something like that.
Let me throw a curveball at this particular problem and suggest that if there were to be a "Reman Set" that it shouldn't be a direct counterpart to the Romulan Set. Complimentary to ... sure. But doing the same thing while being "different" somehow? Not so sure that's even possible given the constraints on Ground Itemization compared to Space. There's 35 Space Skills (10 Tactical, 15 Engineering, 10 Science) ... but only 10 Ground Skills (6 by profession, 4 held in common). Not a whole lot of room for variation there, on the Ground. Furthermore, you've simply got more Item Slots for Space than you do for Ground ... so it's a lot easier to do an "almost the same, but not quite" with a Space Set than it is to do that with a Ground Set.

So what if a Reman Set WASN'T a direct copy/counterpart to a Romulan Set for Ground? What if, instead, a Reman Set was aimed at an entirely different group of Level 50 content adversaries?

At this point, it ought to be obvious that I'm talking about the idea of making a Romulan Anti-Borg Ground Set ... and making a Reman Anti-Tholian Ground Set.

No seriously ... think about it. Remans are the "mining race" of STO (the "space dwarves" if you need to reference Fantasy themes). Mining is something that is an inherently UNSAFE occupation to pursue, and is frequently a profession that requires work in (drum roll please) ... hazardous or toxic environments. That means that the most "logical" thematics to base a Reman Ground Set around would be some kind of souped up Mining Gear, and in STO that kind of thing means ... Environment Suit! And then once you reach the point of deciding to settle onto an Environment Suit and everything THAT implies, you quickly come to the conclusion that the "natural enemy" you'd want to be going up against while wearing that is ... Tholians.

The next question after deciding to orient a Reman Set around being Anti-Tholian is working up some kind of hybrid of the Plasma Flamethrower and the Nukara Cryo Launcher to create a "new" sort of Anti-Tholian weapon which still has a distinctly "Reman" flavor to it that has [Sonic] properties built into it. For Personal Shields, you'd be wanting to have a look at the precedents laid down by the Nukara Sets for inspiration.

Considering the fact that the Tholians are present and continuing danger on Mol'Rihan, including inside the Underground Power Station mission, I'm thinking that this sort of thing would make for the most likely kind of development for the Remans to undertake and perfect.