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10-27-2013, 11:18 AM
So I am diving into the Rep System. I have tried a few things, gotten some Omega and Nukara Marks, But I am wondering am I maximizing my mark making potential.

What are some of the best ways to get the various marks. Currently I am doing Infected Space (Normal) for Omegas. I realize Elite is better, but given the nature of complexity that is STFs, I am not sure I want to dive into Elites just yet. So for the moment Lets forget the whole Normal vs Elite thing.
go for elite stfs. the normals's reward is too small.
it's nothing hardcore just need to know the elemetary tactics and do some dps. you can do them with 3k dps and if you read some topics about builds you can create one for at least 5k very easy and very cheap.
here is a link to a topic with estfs walkthroughs for ground and space:

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Elite crystal sucks now the event has ended. It's like all the good players moved on and now I just get pugs that can't get it down past 33%.
i do the elite crystal everyday and i never fail...i don't really understand how can a pug fail this instance, is too easy.

Whatever you do, avoid the hive onslaught. Elite is impossible unless you have a really good coordinated team that's set up specifically for that mission, and regular requires at least 3 compentant players to be on the team who know what to do, and the otherts need to be able to follow their lead.
hive is not impossible, but you need a premade group with good people not just fly in the sky players who think purple weapoms are better then blue just 'cuz they like purple.

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