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Don't forget B'Elanna Torres oh and Miral Paris!

Don't forget Worf's first love and mate (wife, maybe?), K'Ehleyr from "The Emessary" (TNG) and "Reunion" (TNG).

I will point out that Simon Tarsis in "The Drumhead" (TNG) was 1/4 Romulan and tried to pass off his heritage as Vulcan before it was exposed. Now in that case, his heritage is not an invalidating reason to reject him from service in Starfleet, it was his falseifying an offical application that put him in danger of being dishonorably discharged.

Non-canon wise, many characters have hidden Romulan ancestry. T'Pol was at one point suppose to have a Romulan ancestor in the recent past. In another case, Vulcan Dr. Selar in "The Schizoid Man" (TNG) was 1/2 Vulcan 1/2 Romulan in certain novels.

I suppose I just shook stirred the pot there.