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10-27-2013, 03:44 PM
Originally Posted by simeion1 View Post
Something else taking away from gold members. Do we get anything that silver members don't. Don't get me wrong this game needs silver players. But there should be some benefits for being LTS and gold.

Look at some of the things we get.

Respects is a bonus
Captains table. Only a bonus if you could transwarp there and get commodities and consumables. Besides that it is a pain to get to.
A ship. It is sexy but there are better ships.
Costume unlocks. Ok. Cool but I could live without.

We need real benefits for LTS and gold players. We were promised tribble testing, now it was taken away. If I was not LTS I would go silver in a heart beat.

Some things it would recommend.
Larger doff roster
Make all bind on character zen store purchases like bank spots, inventory spots, and stuff like combat ev suit bound to account purchase not character.
Here is one the everyone gold and LTS would love rechargeable hypos, power cells, shields charges, and ship batteries that are character bound.
Regarding the bolded part, just so you know, Tribble is a test server and before I decided to get the LTS, I was a Free player, and for seasons 6, 7 and LOR, I was able to test the content. So, for about a year and a half, Tribble has been opened for Silver players to test content. What that means is that it wasn't exclusive to subscribers. Here's a suggestion: get off your high horse, and learn to accept that things aren't going to be how you want them to be.