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10-28-2013, 06:55 AM
Originally Posted by buccaneerdtb View Post
Since two patches ago I almost never see Romulans anymore, just a ton of Human and Ferengi Boffs available through Peersonal Doff assignments at Romulus.
Based on my results it looks like there's a chance each reset to offer a boff assignment and you either get rare (Romulan or Human) or very Rare (anything else, including Remans).

I've had multiple "Aliens" in Romulus Command and one of most of the Fed races in the very rare category. The same applies to that sector but if I travel to another sector the boff mission "disappears" until I return to it.

Maybe prior to a few patches ago Tau Dewa / Romulus Command boff assignments only drew from the Romulan, Reman and Alien pool.This would mean that half of all "very rare" boff assignments would offer a Reman. But now they also draw from the ally's pool, meaning you've only got a miniscule chance of getting a Reman.