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10-28-2013, 07:45 AM
Originally Posted by icsairguns View Post
so instead of ending the war why no escalate the damn thing, give out faction unique items and keep them unique . make us different .

I like your style, I agree Death to the Federation! I disagree with the OP, and I think what would "fix" the thought processes of Feds is Holding PVP challenges.

You want to turn the KDF into a sub-faction of the Feds, you want to fold our proud warriors into your ranks, you are like Borg you wish to assimilate us!

Seriously you idea is bad. If you played both sides maybe you would see. I have 3 Fed toons, I never played KDF until months after F2P I only made a KDF toon to collect the free ship we got before f2p launch.

Now I play KDF mostly, because mostly they have the coolest Doff missions, but then again I enjoy uncloaking behind a fed and lighting them up before battle cloaking out.

BTW, Defiant Battle Cloak won't help feds.