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The Undine are not the real enemy and killing them would only enrage them more. They are largely shown to be isolationists and do not like others entering their fluidic space. If you pay attention in the Undine missions and read all the in-game lore that relates to them, you see that they are only acting in self-defence and responding to the threat that they perceive from the Alpha Quadrant powers. This reaction is somewhat misguided as the Alpha Quadrant powers are not the ones that were attacking them as if you remember, there was an Iconian gateway on one of their worlds.
The Undine started the whole damn thing by subverting governments in the alpha quadrant. review "Path to 2409" and if necessary, roll a new Feddie and re-play the first (was it twenty?) missions.

The Klingon Empire recognized and acted on this infiltration threat-both internally, and when they realized the Undine had effectively turned the Gorn into sockpuppets.

That's what started the whole thing.

It's the whole casus belli of the entire Federation/Klingon war: we're going to beat the Federation until they realize there's something WRONG.

as for the final Undine missions-they're a bad joke. Especially for a Klingon-they are merely lame for Feds, but for KDF it's so far out of character as to be unworthy of a holonovel, and the so-called 'resolution' published in the magazine?


You don't seek an alliance with your prey. The hunter doesn't ally with the fox to kill chickens.

The Iconians may have been the kickstarter for the Undine's actions, but the Undine still TOOK those actions. i.e. it's an excuse, not a reason.
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

Are you KDF looking for a reason to log in to your KDF Main? consider that every time you do, you're giving the finger to the people that want the KDF as a faction to die out from neglect.

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