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10-28-2013, 11:47 AM
Originally Posted by fovrel View Post
That whole cutscene is out of place for Romulan characters. When it happened I thought, wtf, I found the place, explored it and reported it to D'Tan, which would lead to a new settlement there. Now I am briefed by D'Tan and he speaks to me as if I have been under a stone for a while. Look what we have got here, isn't it a nice place, let's settle here.

The Romulan player should be directed from the command centre to the exploration area just with a simple interaction with an NPC.
I agree. The whole cutsceen should be replaced with a unique one where D'Tan explains what has changed since we were last here rather than the whole song and dance. Maybe even make it part of the promotion mission. And yes, it should very much be optional and skippable. The reward for going through the whole darn thing being either a few more skill points or reputation marks.