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what is laughable to me is that I got my romulan tac character to va in 1 day because of Q. I get to va and no new ship. that sucks because I got my promotion and wha wha whaaaaa nothing. how bs is that and I have been playing since the beta.
The last free ship silver players get is at level 40 that is true for all factions. These ships are effectively equal to 9 console lvl 50 C-Store ships (basically anything that didn't come in a 3 pack).

Other than C-Store ships and Lockbox ships the only ships you can get at level 50 are the 1000 day vet ship (if you are a 1000 day vet), and the ships unlocked for the 600 day vet token (T'Varo Refit, Dehlan Refit, Mogai Refit, and D?deridex Refit)
My Romulan Liberated Borg character made it to Level 30 and beat the (old) Defense of New Romulus with the skill point bug.