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10-28-2013, 02:39 PM
Commenting solely on the new digression: that would be a nice touch!
Back on topic ...

I still hugely support a Torpedo and Damage Overhaul.

As for the torpedo, as well as buying a launcher (not for much though, don't worry) you would buy the Ammo.

To compensate for limited ammo, increase the damage of the Standard Torpedo Mk X to about or even over 5000 Dmg. (Obviously the others would be different in the respective ways)

That means, you only fire a torpedo if you really have too! (Although I believe same side PvP should be exempt from this rule)

Torpedoes would then be what they were designed to be, almost last resort weaponry that really, really, packs a punch.

Hopefully this may clarify some aspects to my previous post :
Torpedos do need an overhaul.

They need to be re-scaled properly. I would also like to see the cool "flame" thingies that come off. Maybe even travel slower ... MAYBE.

Examples :

I would then like each ship to have a limited ammo. Instead of buying a Torpedo tube, what you buy is torpedo Ammo.

Then they need a massive damage boost to compensate.


And yes, the damage to shields should scale.

100% shield : 10% bleed through,

10% shield : 50% bleed through

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