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# 1 Experimental Proton Weapon
10-28-2013, 04:53 PM
I need to rant a bit.

This thing seems to be designed to once again stick it to those of us who drive Science Vessels. I mean really, what can we do with it with only three forward weapon slots.

I can't use it as a beam weapon, it doesn't have the arc. Doesn't do the dps of a dual beam bank or cannons if I'm flying a Vesta. I could replace a torpedo launcher with it, but then why the frack would I need the set torpedo launcher? I'd place it in the bank rank, but again, it's not a turret so unless I have my assets pointed at a target it's worthless, and if I'm dual banking, it becomes again a worthless set piece.

Even in an escort taking this thing would seriously kill my dps, removing either a dhc or a torpedo and getting less out of it.

So what can we do with it in it's current configuration and make it worthwhile. I may be missing something, but I just don't get it.

My suggestion is, make it a friggin 360 degree weapon. Leave all the other stats alone. It'll be a slightly more powerful turret I get that, but with all the Kinetic Beams in the game, this experimental weapon doesn't even come close to comparing with a Kinetic Beam