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Minimal flash is correct, but i honestly prefer the lines of other uniforms, some of the older ones, the newer leather looking jobs are apalling to me, a bunch of leather bound federation ruffians.

Personally i usually rock the next gen movie, racing uniform, or the baggiest uniform i can get my hands on.

I guess just personal preference, i like a muted flash...
Originally Posted by angrytarg View Post
It depends on personal taste. What I like is that it actually seems to be based on the AGT uniform and forms a theme with that one and the academy uniforms.

I'm very interested in keeping a uniform theme for my chars and since I consider STO to be a very very alternate timeline I went with the AGT uniforms and the Odyssey uniform make excellent "field jacket" versions of those. That's my motivation behind it
See the quote i quoted. I did state that it was my personal preference, but then again i enjoy standing at attention in various places on ESD in full M.A.C.O. regalia.....
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