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# 1 Full Body Skins Please
10-29-2013, 04:44 AM
This had been bugging me to no end, ever since launch. My Main, and many alts, use the different skins and complexions, the most common of which: Infected. Since beta, all skins have been limited to the head only with the exception of Gorn, Caitian, and Trill. The latter of which really only made it in as part of the joke Bashir made. Since then though, while they've added many more open uniforms and casual clothing(including Risa wear), they have yet to go back and add the details in on the other skins. Even in the promotional art from LoR, the Remans and liberated Romulans were stuck with just the head, even the hands never had the full skins.

Please, please, PLEASE! go back and fix this. This really should have been done with the UI overhaul of the Character creator, but gets continuously left out, even though they add more species and open costumes. I can't be the only one bothered by these models looking so incomplete, can i?