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# 18 My "fake" Romulan
10-29-2013, 10:45 AM
Originally Posted by herbiehdykeman View Post
my next character I'm planning on (once the new fed tutorial hits holodeck) is a true Starfleet Romulan (made with the Alien Generator)
I actually did this back in Season 5, when F2P first launched. Eivesh Jo'rek was a Romulan refugee on Khoal, where she was a "guest" of Colonel Hakeev ("Mine Enemy"). While held prisoner in the secret listening post, she was subjected to medical experiments -- augmented with Reman and Betazoid DNA to enhance her telekinetic abilities. She was rescued when Federation forces liberated the prisoners and destroyed the base. She joined Starfleet shortly afterwards, having nowhere else to go.

Recently, her sister Aevana was located on Virinat (a "real" Romulan character). She made contact with the Federation (her alliance), and now Federation scientists are using her genetic information as a guide to correct the damage done to Eivesh's genome.
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