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Originally Posted by StormShade
Thank you all so much for your entries to this contest! We have, after much deliberation, decided on our winning names. Of course, some of these names had multiple entries, so...

The person who submitted each winning name first will receive a Digital Deluxe Edition of the game and a poster featuring the ship they named. Additionally, they, and everyone else who submitted the winning name for a particular Starship Class will receive the unique in-game title, "Utopia Planitia Staff." With that, everyone will know you had a part in designing one of our special Tier 5 Starships!

Finally, we can present to you the winning ships:

Check it out!
In balance respectful names and nice.. I expect to have a Health and Welfare inspection of one soon to be sure no Tribbles were bein harmed.. Ya thats the ticket.

so no HMS paula poundstone...or avalon.. im shocked. Im askign for a Sport and recreation Station Naming contest for a Cryptic T-shirt.. simple swag or a mouse pad.. Jester..