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01-08-2010, 07:32 PM
These names don't fit. They also would not have been picked by Starfleet.

First of all, a dervish is a holy beggar. Yes, some people think dervishes are holy warriors that are really fast. But thats not what they are and not what Starfleet would have been thinking.

Second of all, Destiny indicates a preordained outcome, which is kind of the opposite of reason, a-religiousity, and secularism, all of which Starfleet IS. Starfleet has nothing to do for or against religion, it promulgates reason and technology. As a ship name, its okay, but as a class name... its just lacking.

My choices were better than this.

I chose Aries for the Escort(Come on, its the GOD OF WAR). And for the science vessel, I chose Athena(Goddess of WISDOM, and still a formidable warrior in her own right!). The metaphors here are better than what they picked.