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Originally Posted by smokeybacon90 View Post
Advanced Fleet Odyssey Uniform Mk XII [Swag]x3
With that modifier i wouldn't want them. Nobody wants SWAG it doesnt belong in STO, unless its tarnished and sold by ferengi that is.......

Originally Posted by starswordc View Post
The Odyssey uniform's pretty, but I actually like the Sierra series better because it looks more practical as an everyday-use uniform. For instance, the texture actually looks more like Kevlar than leather, but either way it looks like it would provide better protection than TNG-style pajamas.
And for all the series' flaws ENT had by far the most practical uniforms: they had these nifty things called pockets
Personally i like being comfy in pajamas when doing day to day lounging in my chair on the Bridge. Or walking about, comfy is relaxing.

As for the ENT utility suits (more commonly known as boiler suits) yes those where extremely practical.
Inertia just means you can do Powerslides in you carrier!
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