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Once to mess around back when LoR just launched and everyone was complaining about the turn rate (nice to see some things never change lol) I decided to mess around. I put some common RCS on the D'D, the two C-Store consoles and used Aux to Damp, EPtE, Omega and Evasive Maneuvers all while cloaked. I had that monster doing doughnuts around New Romulus with a triple digit turn rate. I got quite a few tells that day.

So if you really want to make that D'D turn there are ways.
This post answers your question if you want that big ship to turn u are gonna have to give up some tankiness to make it happean. Which is a fair trade off keeps the game balanced also another person hit the nail on the head it's a big ship it's not made to fly like an escort if you had a ship that could tank and do great dps there would be no point In having other ships in game now would they.