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10-30-2013, 04:21 AM
And, I finally left the OPvP channel. I'm sure nobody will miss me, but the hypocrisy was driving me crazy. It wasn't entertaining to read any longer - certainly not enough to make up for all the drivel...

PlayerA: All folks do is whine about X.
PlayerB: Yeah, all they do is whine about X.
PlayerC: Yeah, all the whining about X is annoying.
PlayerA: <whines about Y>
PlayerB: <whines about Y too>
PlayerC: <whines about Y as well>


Really? I mean...seriously? Perhaps 15s passed between the whining about folks whining about X before they moved on to whine about Y.

Do folks even realize that they're doing it?

I wouldn't have called their discussion about Y whining, if not for them complaining about what they considered whining about X. It's tedious.

Will somebody call this whining? Of course they will! They see any complaints outside of their own complaints as whining... welcome to a world of overinflated fragile egos.
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