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10-30-2013, 12:21 PM
Originally Posted by ajgamer1701 View Post
I've been a fed eng in cruiser with tank/healer and dps builds for about a year 6/hrs/day avg , but since a little after the start of LOR and most certainly after 10/24 patch for some reason, I just cant tank as well as I used to, other engineer capt's have noticed as well. How are we supposed to in an PVP anchor/tank role, heal the team if only 1-2 escorts or sci cruiser can take you out in 2 seconds in 1 pass with all pwr lvls high in shld and aux and dmg resists abilities skills EP2 Subsys timing combined/stacked etc? It just doesn't work anymore not for the fed side anyway. I hope a little more balance will be applied soon towards at least engineer captains healing abilities as they are definitely lacking.
Ghats odd, I've been feeling more tanky as of late. Maybe it a difference in technique?