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10-31-2013, 01:55 AM
Hegh'yIt sat in his office going over the notes he had prepared for the meeting. The Romulans had been shown to a small room that they could use to rest and speak in private. The dining area was the largest non-essential room on the ship, and was being utilized for the upcoming meeting. The Lomqa' was a ship-of-war, and not meant for diplomatic encounters, and Hegh'yIt felt that the sooner the meeting concluded, the better.

Hegh'yIt keyed his intercom and called for K'Bar, his First Officer. The old, battle hardened warrior appeared a moment later.

"Sir!" K'Bar stood at attention before his captain's desk. Hegh'yIt motioned for him to relax, and then stared at him for a brief moment.

"We are seeking to restore the honor of the old Empire. I hesitate to take a step that might tarnish the reputation of this young Order we have created." Although it was made as a statement, Hegh'yIt was seeking counsel from his old friend.

K'Bar breathed deeply before speaking. "When a warrior fights to save his honor, he will use an honorable weapon. When a warrior fights to save his family, he will use whatever he can. The Empire is dying from the inside, it's honor being eaten away by these petaq' who lead from the safety of their politically stained seats. We need to act, because no one else will. These Romulans are a tool, a weapon, we should use them, and if they become a stain to our honor, toss them away."

Hegh'yIt considered his friend for a moment. "Return to your station."