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Datlh`LaH brought the I.K.S Batlh Bo`degh out of warp. He had not flown the bird of prey since it was decommissioned. He had kept the ship for certain missions he might have to take. It was faster, more maneuverable and could cloak. For missions that required more...tact, it was the perfect vessel.

"Let's get this over with," Datlh`LaH muttered. "What do we have on sensors?"

"Sensors detecting two vessels. One looks Klingon the other looks...Romulan," his conn officer, Annozid replied.

"Well then," Datlh`LaH's lip curled into a tight smile, "This is the right place."

"Your orders sir?" A huge gorn shifted from his console.

"Hail Hegh`yIt. Tell him, Datlh`LaH has arrived and would be pleased to take part in these negotiations."

"Yes sir," The Gorn focused on his station, "Hail sent."