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Originally Posted by ridddickxxx View Post
D'deridex not an cruiser?

Ok, than the Bird Of Prey is not an escort, it is a Bird Of Prey.
Raptors are not heavy escort, they are raptors.

It is called:
D'deridex Warbird Battle Cruiser, which makes it battle cruiser
STO term battlecruiser genearlly refers to a engineer type ship that can equip dhcs and has enough manuverability to use them. Until recently, that was the KDF's claim to fame. The Avneger provides that kind of gameplay to the feds, now. The Romulans don't have anything in this ball park. They have warbirds that turn like cruisers but can use dhcs for decloaking alphas. They (D'D, Ha'pax, and Hakona) are poorly equipped to dog fight with dhcs without cloaking. Bear in mind that no battlcruiser to date has battlecloak. 100% fair trade off.