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10-31-2013, 10:00 AM
I still think both the D'deridex and the Ha'apax should receive their own set of Comm Array Abilities.

All the "Romulans are OP" talk aside, both ships are the slowest Romulan vessels there are, they don't have any unique abilities that would differentiate them from the Scimitar for example, they can barely turn and are generally underwhelming compared to other ships available.

For example, the Tal Shiar Battle Cruiser has better turn rate, can cloak, has sensor analysis and a set of three Comm Array commands. The D'deridex has worse turn rate, no special abilities other than singularity stuff (at the expense of -40 power) and no comm array powers. It only has battle cloak, to its advantage.

Yes, Romulans as a whole need to be balanced. Their traits are ridiculous, certain ships are overpowered and so on. Still, I just think that giving the older ships something to make them more in line with the rest is in order. It's a similar issue like the one with the Galaxy. Just give the D'deridex and the Ha'apax at least two Comm Array abilities to at least lessen the gap between them and the Scimitar everyone's flying now.

I vote for Strategic Maneuvering and Attract Fire to be added to the D'deri and the Ha'apax. I mean, if the Ha'nom can use sensor analysis and subsystem targeting, like a proper science vessel, then romulan battlecruisers should receive cruiser powers as well.