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10-31-2013, 02:35 PM
I like my Klingon character and I would buy more C-Store stuff if it was actually developed. The problem is it's a catch 22 situation. Players don't spend because they don't see enough reason too and Cryptic won't put much dev time into it because in the past it didn't sell well. I'm looking forward to the new Klingon ship but what I'd really like to see are some new science orientated ships, and not just Gorn or Orion/Naussican stuff. The reason why I will never buy Gorn/Orion etc ships is because I play a KLINGON and I want to fly KLINGON ships!

Some new uniform options wouldn't go amiss either.

The Klingon faction has the potential to be completely epic, Alpha was a good example of how good Klingon focussed content can be. I want to see power struggles on the high council, maybe even a civil war (would be a good way to get a new chancellor and put an end to this stupid war with the feds) like in TNG: Redemption and work with your former enemies "for the good of the Empire!" Especially with Michael Dorn now doing VO work... awesome .

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