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Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
I still think both the D'deridex and the Ha'apax should receive their own set of Comm Array Abilities.

All the "Romulans are OP" talk aside, both ships are the slowest Romulan vessels there are, they don't have any unique abilities that would differentiate them from the Scimitar for example, they can barely turn and are generally underwhelming compared to other ships available.

I vote for Strategic Maneuvering and Attract Fire to be added to the D'deri and the Ha'apax. I mean, if the Ha'nom can use sensor analysis and subsystem targeting, like a proper science vessel, then romulan battlecruisers should receive cruiser powers as well.
That's exactly what I was thinking.

If the D'deridex *only* got the "increase threat" ATTRACT FIRE command - would that make it more OP?
If the D'deridex *only* got the "increase turn" STRATEGIC MANEUVERING - would that make it more OP?
Until now, the Sovereign started with a turn rate of 7 - which is already 2 points higher than the D'deridex. Now with the Aura it can add +3 which puts it even further ahead.

Battlecloak turn doesn't make up for that, and it's not "always on"