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Originally Posted by rahmkota19 View Post
1. KDF content is better than Fed content.
2. KDF has some of the most powerful vessels, like the Guramba and the B'rel.
3. KDF NEEDS more ships. It has a lack of choice compared to Fed.

4. Don't be so annoying with keeping posting and posting without anybody commenting between. There is a simple Edit button.
I disagree regarding the Guramba being 'amongst the most powerful vessels'. It is essentially the same as the dilithium-bought Patrol Escort (the only stat differences are a tiny amount of hull increase, 1 less turnrate, and 10 more inertia), but it costs 2500 zen. That Javelin is only good for PvE, and even then it's got limitations by dint of its massive turnrate decrease from Siege mode. The weapon power drain only works in Siege mode, as well.

The only reason the Guramba seems powerful is because the only other reasonable comparison is the bloody Qin Raptor with the particularly borked turn axis and mediocre boff layout (same as the Tactical Escort Refit). Compared to that, the Guramba kicks butt. It's barely equivalent with the Federation C-Store escort options.

The B'rel is now outperformed in the tactical sense by the T'Varo, though the B'rel still 'leads' when it comes to using a sci build from cloak. The thing is, the main point of flying a B'rel was to be able to fire torps and mines from cloak. . .again, something that the T'Varo now does better.

The KDF definitely needs more ships, though, especially in the raptor/destroyer line and the science ship line. A Lethean science ship or destroyer would be a nice, same with the Ferasans. A Gorn destroyer would be cool, too, we only have science ships from the Gorn.
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