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10-31-2013, 06:27 PM
Wolf never really made that choice, he's always done what he felt was best for both the federation and the Empire, even in the game. Yes he resigned, but that was not a rejection of the federation, it was a rejection of a federation policy which he believed put the federation in danger. Remember the House of Martok and its Allies refuse to particapate in the war against the federation, which is why the Federation is still there and why the Klingon Empire is ultimately making peace, it can win without the support of key houses like Martok, especially when the Chancellor's faction is weakened by the dishonour of his allies in the House of Torog.

Right now only the Orions Syndicate is likely to be pushing for continued war and with the embarrassing set backs and reveals about its business with the Tal Shiar its unlikely they'll protest peace too hard.

So I think worf still believes in the federation.

I do hope they explain worfs feelings about the Orion Sydicate.