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10-31-2013, 09:07 PM
Also the same issue using Bell Aliant in NS. Seems to be abit of a trend here. I've done a complete reformat. Contacted my isp, had the connection turned off, then turned back on. Had the connection reset twice. Router reset to manufacturers. I've done numerous traces. Unfortunately the tracert shows the same as j0hn41.

Cogentco seems to be the issue for the connection. What j0hn41's tracert doesn't show, is that along side massive latency spikes, Cogentco is suffering from MASSIVE packet loss and errors. The packet loss and errors continue right up to Craptics front door.

Funny though, Aliant's network hops are low latency and barely if any packet loss. I'm sure some clown will come along and say its Bell Aliant though...because Craptic's Cogentco connection works for them.

Personally I firmly believe that Craptic has a bummed out route to the patch server and login server. Not a route that every user uses, and so only affects a small percentage of users. Unfortunately unless there are enough complaints, little if anything will be done.