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10-31-2013, 11:44 PM
I have the same bug. I earned my Mkii Khg set the hard way. Now it is the only uniform I can wear. If I swap uniforms I alway wear The Khg top and other bottom. I play an Orion female and I can run around with a lion cloth and honor gaurd top. I wounded if it is a bug because I am not teir five on any rep, but have permission to wear the honor gaurd. If I change maps my honor gaurd uniform defaults to colors I don't have selected. I have turned this into cryptic as a bug with no response. Not even a generic we know and are currently trying to find out why. If everyone having issues with honor guard is it with any uniform. Is everyone with this bug capable of wearing the honor gaurd set. This is information Crytpic might need to solve this bug. What is everyone's race.