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10-31-2013, 11:58 PM
Ty for replies so far. First off orion women are good but klink ladies are just better all round lol. Dunno why maybe just me.

From what ive seen the power creep here means yes kligo. Shops need a bit of a pass over so kdf players can get same weapon/ boff layouts the feds have. Perhaps not heaps of new ships but a tweak to some and a couple new with at least 1 proper science.

I play klingon and i would like klingon varients as i love the look of there design, but thats just personal. As to profitability, players cant buy whats not there and wont buy klingon if its not analogus to the other side. Ships with fed parity would sell however i feel as thats a common thread to alot of posts ive read.

Finally i reserve the righ to be as annoying as i want as i want to spend money on the klingons and want cryptic to know this lol. I think lots of others would spend money on comparable ingon content. Prhaps not as much as feds but enough to be a nice side line of profit