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11-01-2013, 03:03 AM
Just a thought about proportions, maybe most ppl don't care but for me this is extremely important.

An example, For me the Odysseys proportions are totally exaggerated and not really a balanced design. Nacelles+Engineering hull are way too big, while the saucer is too tiny.
This make the ship look too heavy on the rear side. What a backstep to the 24th century TNG ship designs. I'm not saying they should turn the Odyssey or other new designs into GCS copies, but they shouldn't have make them Excelsior copies either.


Better (IMO):

These are just slight differences, but the dimensions on the lower picture are much better and make the ship look much more balanced and less like a exaggerated cartoon.

The point of a Starfleet design is to make it look somehow consevative (no exaggerations), balanced and make it look interesting at the same time.

When in doubt, Cryptics devs should orientate on Andrew Probert designs, at least he understands Star Trek IMO.

Just a thought on later Star Trek ship designs:

Andrew Probert according to Star Trek Wiki:
"Gene Roddenberry was initially in charge of Star Trek: The Next Generation, as he well should be, and something happened politically to change that. You know, I had no idea what caused that change. But while Gene was in charge, he and I got along very well. We understood each other. And I liked him because of his creation of Star Trek, and he fully understood exactly where he wanted his show to go. Yet he was fully open to any ideas that we threw at him, and he would talk about that, and he talked about it intelligently.

"When Rick Berman took over the show, half way through the first season, every time we showed him a design concept, his constant response was, "no, we can't do that, because it reminds me of something that I've seen somewhere", or "it looks like a shaver", or "it looks like something I've seen in a furniture store". The only thing of note that Rick Berman did before Star Trek was a show called "The Big Blue Marble", a kid's show. For some reason, Paramount led him into this. I don't know. I've heard conflicted stories that Gene thought he was a great producer and wanted to bring him in. Whatever it is, Rick Berman did not, in that time, and, as far as I can see from what is being produced, does not understand science fiction. I've seen a lot of great concepts, by Doug Drexler and a few of the other illustrators that they have been working on, passed over in favor of much more controlled concepts. My experience with Rick Berman is, you know, he does not understand what he's doing, he does not understand science fiction.(...)

"I think Star Trek died when Gene died. Well, as I said, Gene understood exactly what he wanted for his show, and his main focus was maintaining consistency in the show. And everybody who cared about Star Trek eventually left the show. Bill Theiss, the costumer, left, I left, Bob Justman left. So... I don't know what to say, it was very frustrating working on that.(...)I think he [Berman] cares about it for the money. I think he cares about it because he is confident that, no matter what they produce, if it has the name "Star Trek" on it, people will go watch it. They'll complain about it, but they will still make money from the viewers. But, you know, this is just my opinion."
I think a similar thing applies to Cryptic, sadly.
Most new designs are just unimaginitve, unbalanced and simply plain ugly.

Maybe something new actually looks like a blow-dryer or like Car-Keys, who cares if the new design looks elegant and consistent to the faction it belongs.
But most of Cryptics designs just look like some generic Sci Fi designs, completely unrelated to Star Trek.

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