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As General Datlh`LaH waited for a response he surveyed his crew. They had come quite far in the years he had been with them. He had stopped referring them to Orions and Gorn and Klingons with clear places in the Empire. He no longer viewed the Gorn or Orions as inferior to Klingon prowess, rather, he viewed them as equals.

"Sir," His Gorn officer replied, "We have recieved permission to beam to the Klingon bird of prey. The Romulan represenative is already on board."

"Excellent," Datlh`LaH stirred. He would have to remember that lesson of equals as he dealt with the Romulan. He didn't promise it would last long, but he would try. "Beam me over."


Datlh`LaH felt the hum of the transporter beam. Next, he was on board the I.K.S Lomqa`

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