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11-01-2013, 01:38 PM
Seeing as the Voth are the big S8 enemies, we could do a big Detal Quadrant doff pack styled after the Gamma Quadrant one, plenty of fodder there. So, ideas in addition to the ones already in the OP:

Voth (already appear to be implemented for all factions)

Talaxians and Tak Tak: All factions, because why should one have to suffer alone?

Kazon: Klingon. Perfect pairing here, as the Kazon share some baser inclinations with the Klingons but are untempered by wisdom or honor. The Klingons could be just the kind of influence they need to become a viable race.

Hirogen: Romulan (already associated with the Tal Shiar, and defection seems to be a common thread in doffs), possibly also Klingon

Vaadwaur/Turei: Split between Fed and KDF, but not sure which should go either way. Mostly interesting because their story plays out a lot like the Iconian one on a smaller scale - race using a mysterious way to travel instantly to enslave weaker races destroyed by slave rebellion and orbital bombardment

Brunali: Icheb ties them to the Federation, but he didn't exactly enjoy his last stay there, so these could go cross faction.

Hazari: Klingons, to go with their other mercenery races

Malon: Could go cross faction or almost any single faction - the Klingons weaponize the theta radiation they can't recycle, or the Feds could trade them the technology to recycle it.

Vidiians: The phage was cured by the Think Tank, supposedly, but there's room to play with that - possibly healthy and phaged sub-factions could be assigned to Fed and Klingon, respectively? Failing that, even cured, it's not clear if they would have returned to their peaceful explorer past or kept their militaristic ways, which are clearly effective, phaged or not.