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11-01-2013, 03:05 PM
Personally, I'd like to see Horta and Exocomp DOffs become more accessible (especially to non-fleet players).

Tosk (Fed), 'Hunters' (KDF), Zaldan (Fed, 'aggressive', 'honorable', would not have 'tactful' as they believe politeness to be dishonesty), Zakdorn (Fed, Eidetic Memory, something relating to their reputation for strategy), Tamarians... (Both)

"#28: Dolphins or a dolphin-like race
traits: congenial, teamwork"

You know.... I remember reading somewhere that the Galaxy-class ships were supposed to have some kind of 'Cetacean Operations Command' or something on board that we never got to see in-series - in other words, as Scotty once said, "Admiral, there be whales here!"
I'm beginning to think the current 'two seasons a year' set-up needs to be rethought. It just seems to cause incomplete and bug-infested 'seasons' to be pushed out just to meet an artificial summer/winter deadline when many players would be fine getting one 'season' a year if it meant that it would be a really good one...