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11-01-2013, 06:44 PM
I've added an HTML formatter to the engine. I need to add a stylesheet, but the output is looking good. I sent stoutes an HTML copy of his "Collectiveness Strikes Gold I" mission about a half-hour ago.

The overall formatting in both plaintext and HTML are already a vast improvement for doing editorial review of mission scripts. The dialog trees read a bit more like a script now, yet still provide information on costumes, attitude, titles and button links.

The only open items for declaring the engine finished at this point are:
  • an object-by-object comparison of input and output using the three mission outputs I currently have;
  • a good CSS style sheet for presenting the HTML.

I still haven't decided how to package it (open source windows UI, Silverlight app, command-line app, dedicated web-site that emails the output or delivers it on-screen) but I should have something out for public review soon -- possibly even this weekend.