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11-02-2013, 07:52 AM
Join a long standing tradition of excellence in gaming an a good wholesome time. Fun , Fair , and Friendly. Going into our Fifth year as a fleet an strong as ever. As a newer member I see the strong friendships that have been made here , an it kind of warms u a bit to see so many people active an in touch with each other. Threw real life an in game drama a fleet that has percivered an grown into a powerhouse of awesomeness an guilt free gaming. I have played many , many MMO's but never have I had the chance nay the priviledge to be apart of such a nice , helpful , an yes even a lil inspiring at times fleet/guild.(even though that mite seem a lil funny to some) I see gamings an escape an no fleet/guild has ever been able to do that for me like federation fleet where every1 is NORM! Crossing cultural an oceanic boundaries. A fleet of Pride. A fleet of Courage. A fleet to be proud of...........A fleet to call home. Join us an become a new member in the FUN FAIR and yes FRIENDLY
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