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It is commonly known that right now Romulans are lacking in the ship options department. While the Romulan faction has a plethora of options for captains seeking an escort playstyle, for those who enjoy cruisers and sci ships there are only two options. If you like cruisers you have the D'deridex or the Scimitar (the Ha'apax cries itself to sleep at night) and if you like sci ships you have the Ha'nom and Temporal vessel.

The cruiser section of the fleet is better equiped, with the D'deridex only being considered bad because the Scimitar is just so good; but both vessels are very, very large cruisers. They more or less fly similarly, as lumbering giant space whales. And this is mostly in terms of their size, since even my D'dex has a turn of 13 normally. What the fleet is lacking are smaller cruisers, ala the Excelsior and Vor'cha, or the new Avenger. They are still firmly cruisers, but are a bit more nimble than their bigger brothers. The Mogai should've filled that role, but right now it's just another escort. A small cruiser type ship would fit like a glove, and hopefully get people to stop whining about the lack of cruiser commands.

As for science vessels, I don't fly them, and I just know sci is in bad spot right now. So it is somewhat understandable the lack of work put into that archetype. Still in an ideal world science will be fixed to be playable, and when that comes the Romulans, and the KDF, will need some more options.