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Back when LoR was released I reported a bug with the ready room seating on the standard Romulan bridge where you could not click on certain seats to automatically sit on them.

The problem occurred with the captains chair, the left of the two seats in front of the desk and a section of the sofa on the back wall (with the right chair, right side sofa and part of the back wall sofa working fine).

Now I have noticed that the problem has not been fixed but I have also found that contrary to my original statement of them not working, it is in fact possible to sit in them by clicking but instead of clicking on the seats themselves, the area where you have to click is somewhere near the wall (the one where the library files console is) for all the broken seats and that you have to move your mouse around until you find the correct place to click.

So from the looks of it, all the clickable areas for the seats are there, just some are in the wrong place.