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11-04-2013, 09:53 AM
I rolled a new toon to run through the tutorial again, and most everything worked fine until getting to the "Rescue Operations" part. I beam down with Flores to help the colonists, only for everything to have auto-completed, leaving me no option but the beam back up. However once back on my ship, nothing else progresses: no dialogues or objectives appear, just the "Rescue Operations" line in the mission list, and I cannot drop the mission, switch maps, or leave the system by any means. Logging out of the character and in again does nothing.

On an older character that I had left before entering the Vega map, I somehow skipped through all the space parts with warning the colony and the freighters and whatnot, and was prompted to go straight to the ground map. In that instance, I was able to go through the "Rescue Operation" ground portion in its entirety. However once again, back in space the mission is stalled with no options but to sit there and hope something changes. Weirdly the misson subtitle reverts back to "Dire Warning."