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11-04-2013, 11:24 AM
I played this a couple of times this last weekend leveling KDF characters. I determined that the space battle after you arrive in Gorath (where you destroy the satellites/freighters, and where I suspect you are finding difficulty) is designed to be a time sink and/or something to teach you how to get into the proper mind set for flying a BOP. At the beginning, I would set your power preset to shield, and allow the other martok ships help with the initial dps. Take out the two satellites first (the torg ships guarding them first, then the satellites), then cruise over cloaked (no full impulse) to the freighters. The freighters are designed to fly towards groups of enemies that, if they gang up on you, you will find difficult to deal with all at once. You can position yourself to take out each freighter before you get into aggro range on the torg ships; position yourself so you are between the freighter and its destination (the big station on the other side of the asteroid belt), about 9k from the freighter's at rest position. Switch to the weapons power preset, decloak, and pour fire into the freighter until it dies. You will be able to stay mostly still, just enough speed to turn and follow the freighter while firing on it for almost 20k of distance.