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Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
You're working from the position that this CXP has any other value or use. It does not. In fact, if you do NOT convert it, you will eventually hit the cap of how much you can hoard and any extra will be wasted. There is really no use in hoarding it past 110K.
You meant past 100K.

Originally Posted by rylanadionysis View Post
The sheer amount of CXP that the dilithium mine dailies give is enormous as well (in two pools no less), especially if you crit them with lots of purples.
Actually, since the original point was FM, the FM you get from crits on the dilithium mine DOFF missions adds up pretty nicely too.

Even if you don't have great DOFFs, you should be able to get into the low 20's on crit percentage on those, which should give you 3 crits a week, if you do the missions every day. That would give about 20k CXP/week, in addition to 105 FM from the crits (assuming that you have access to level 3 mission), for a total of 305 FM/week from something which takes only a few minutes per day.