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We will be bringing down the Tribble server for maintenance to apply a new update: ST.35.20131029a.6

  • Resolved an issue with clipping with the Romulan Neutral Female Uppers.
  • Resolved errors with color options on the Voth helmets and visors.
  • The Fleet Excelsior Retrofit hull windows no longer use the wrong model and windows are no longer floating.
  • The Voth Fortress ship hull can now be seen from a further distance.
  • Added a matte material variant to Caitian Atrox.
  • Added a matte material variant to Caitian Stalker.
  • Added a matte material variant to all Andorian ships.
  • Wintercoat belts have been taken out of the Formal wear category.
  • Resolved an issue that was disallowing captains from becoming a reviewer in the Foundry.
  • Resolved an issue where captains could only beam down to ground maps with 3 bridge officers.

  • Buffs granted by Duty Officers proc powers no longer persist when the triggering power is unequipped.
  • Increased the energy credit value of Mk X, XI and XII ground gear.
    • Mk X gear had its energy credit value multiplied by 2.
    • Mk XI gear had its energy credit value multiplied by 4.
    • Mk XII gear had its energy credit value multiplied by 5.
    • This increase in value does not translate to increase in dilithium store cost for items within this Mk range.
  • Dyson Joint Command Reputation
    • Increased the Dyson Sphere Mark cost of equipment projects.
      • Ground set pieces now cost 500 up from 250.
      • Secondary space sets now cost 500 up from 300.
      • Space sets now cost 900 up from 450.
    • Increased the Energy Credit cost of secondary space set pieces from 12,000 to 30,000.
    • Increased the Dyson Sphere Mark cost on the hourly reputation XP project from 10 to 20.
    • Increased the Energy Credit cost on the hourly reputation XP project from 2000 to 7500.
    • Items awarded from Dyson Equipment Requisition boxes now sell for energy credits again.
  • Task Force Omega Reputation
    • Resolved an issue with Tier Upgrade projects that would repeatedly award a Defera Transwarp.
    • Captains should only receive notification of gaining a Defera Transwarp at Tier 1 Omega Task Force

  • Resolved an issue where the Voth would no longer appear to re-capture points on a map that had been active for a few hours.
  • The UI bars for the REDACTED particles being drained from the REDACTED should no longer go above 100%, which caused it to vanish
  • The "fortress" Voth mechs that appear on capture points to push players off have had their respawn timer increased from 3 minutes to 12 minutes
  • Allied shuttles will fly in and land at REDACTED silos when they are taken by players.
  • Resolved the issue of low framerate problems throughout the zone.

Space Adventure Zone:
  • Captains must complete the Space Adventure zone tutorial mission "Supply Woes" before being able to obtain a found mission, neighborhood events, daily missions, and area missions.
    • Captains can only have 1 found mission at a time.
    • This applies to both the Allied and Contested zones.
  • The mission Mayday now has a waypoint.
  • Mission: "Assist Tactical Calibration"
    • Only 1 ship in need of calibration will spawn at a time.
    • A new randomly-chosen ship will spawn at one of the three positions for the mission after another is destroyed.
  • Mission: "Repair Damaged Ships"
    • Resolved an issue where the mission could not be completed.
  • Mission: "Restoring Order"
    • Interact cooldown is now 45 seconds
  • All Duty Officer Assignments in the Dyson Sphere Adventure Zone now have updated preview icons.
  • The missions Containment Failure, Taking Inventory, and Found Order now have a cooldown of 120 seconds.

Federation Tutorial:
  • Federation early Progression
    • Starting Federation characters now see their rank displayed as "Cadet" instead of "Ensign" until they receive their first Field Promotion to Lieutenant
    • The Kit rewarded to Engineers on Vega has been changed from Shield Fabrication to Mine Barrier.
    • Removed the extra Bridge Officer rewards from "Stranded in Space" since the new mission progression rewards you with a full bridge crew.
  • Resolved an issue on Starfleet Academy where the audio would cut out when walking between rooms.
  • All VO for cutscenes has been implemented.
  • Resolved numerous issues within cutscenes throughout the tutorial.